Cendio develops and supports ThinLinc, a leading Linux Remote Desktop Server.

Cendio ThinLinc brings an innovative and unique component to the virtualized desktop architectures: the session server that creates and maintains persistent end-user sessions. The unique advantage of a persistent session is that it can be disconnected and reconnected in 3 seconds. This feature is highly appreciated by users who have demanding mobility requirements (e.g. nurses in hospitals who are using smartcards to disconnect and reconnect their sessions)

Cendio ThinLinc also offers superior integration capabilities as well at the back-end (Windows, Linux, Solaris desktops) as at the front-end (local drives, local printers, superior application and graphics performance, video streaming, sound support).

IGEL Technology is one of world’s leading thin client vendors. It provides a full range of thin client devices. The main differentiators of IGEL are:

  • its “all-in-one” pricing concept : the buying price includes a warranty of 5 years on the hardware and 5 years of software updates and support!
  • its Universal Desktop Convertor (UDC) gives a second life to old desktops by reconverting them into thin clients! UDC allows to longer leverage the existing infrastructure and to postpone the investments!
  • its Universal Management Suite (UMS) provides a powerful software for central management of IGEL devices, either thin clients or reconverted desktops. UMS comes for free!
  • Thin clients options include smartcard reader, WIFI and touchscreen options.

Integrated together, Cendio ThinLinc and IGEL Technology provide a feature set that is unique to enterprises that are willing to deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.